1. Self Defense Seminar
    Women's Self Defense Seminar
    Do you feel safe on the streets? Would you be able to handle yourself if you were confronted with a potentially dangerous or deadly situation? Could you take on an attacker and survive? Would you be able to defend and escape if you were grabbed, choked, strangled or physically used as a punching bag? If you answered no, or hesitated on answering then you should seriously consider this seminar. Knowing what to do is one thing but actually performing them under high stress is another. In this hands on seminar you will learn how to deal with verbal and physical confrontation, learn what works and what doesn't based on years of practical application of teaching 1,000's of students. You will then apply these principles on a live person using full power in a safe but realistic environment. The techniques taught are specifically designed for women. The cost is $80.00 and is limited to 16 people only (age 13 and older). This allows us to give you personal attention and make sure that you will have these techniques down to make you feel more safe and secure in today's changing world of violence. You must sign up to attend To Be Determined 9:00am - 4:00pm If you are interested in coming to the seminar you can reserve your spot by calling Sensei Gary Wong at 510-333-4289. We accept cash, check and credit cards. You can also stop by and pay in person.