Testing Requirements

The testing requirements at Wong’s Ji Do Kwan have been designed to better prepare you, for challenges that you may or may not be ready to face. It is also designed to prepare you for self preservation and for all challenges in life, as well.
Our testing is conducted on a monthly basis. Each and every student will test, whether they are ready for testing or not. This includes all black belt students. This insures that every student consistently prepares to the best of their ability and not just for when they expect to be promoted. Not every student who tests will pass. In most cases less than 10% pass on to the next level. This should not be taken as a disappointment or as a failure. Consider it a tempering to make one’s self mentally tough and to better one’s self esteem. For those students who do not pass in rank but demonstrate an improvement over the previous testing as well as those who show a level above their peers at the same rank, rank stripes will be given. These stripes signify that they hold a better understanding of the knowledge yet do not posses the level of understanding of the next rank.
Just because a student has learned the movements of a form or can throw a kick or demonstrate that they can perform a self defense move does not necessarily mean that a student will pass. At each belt rank a student must possess certain knowledge of the curriculum, proper attitude, humility and spirit in the martial art tradition. The student must be able to demonstrate these to an expected level in order to move ahead in rank. Below are some basic guidelines to help you understand what is expected to pass. Remember that these are just guidelines and are not all-inclusive.
In the beginning belt ranks (white through orange) students must exhibit a sound foundation of the basic skills. These include stances and footwork, blocks and strikes, basic kicks and the ability to perform in front of others. Development of technique and form is stressed at this level. Speed, power and intensity are not weighed heavily. The student is also required to show the technique development of the basic kicks by breaking boards. Once these skills have been obtained, then and only then, can they move on to the intermediate stage. This often takes about a year or longer to develop.
In the intermediate belt ranks green through blue, students begin to develop the basic techniques into practical application. This is where they learn to develop power, speed, and intensity and to begin to control their emotional well being. They also learn to alter the basic technique into a wider range of useful technique. Once again the student is also required to break boards but with more difficult kicks. Once these skills are developed they are then ready to move to the advanced level. This often takes an additional 2 years to complete.
At the advanced belt ranks brown to black, students continue to develop themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. They continue training to refine every part of every technique making it better. This not only means speed, power and intensity but to understand the inner workings of each technique and how it interacts against a multitude of situations. This includes basic weaponry. The student begins to learn about the application of weaponry for both offensive and defensive situations. The student must be comfortable with making the weapon part of body and be able to be relaxed and confident against an attacker. The advanced students learn how to measure a situation and adapt accordingly to make what they know applicable. This is a very difficult stage for most students. At this stage of training, though there is a need to train physically, the demands to train the mental and spiritual parts of the body are greater. The student is expected to assess a situation quickly, adapt if necessary and complete the given task. This stage often takes several additional years if not a lifetime for some to complete.

All Black Belts must test with the other students during testing. Black Belts are considered the senior belts and must show leadership to guide the lower ranks. It proves that you still have humility and that you are there to guide them into seeing what can be accomplished through hard work and the culmination of commitment and desire to be the best that you can be.
For those that have Black Belt ranking, In order to be eligible for testing for the next Dan level you must have shown a major improvement in not only your physical skill but your knowledge of material and leadership skills. You are required to give back some of which you have been given. The knowledge of the martial arts is not something we take for granted but is a gift that is to be past down from generation to generation. Those that truly exemplify what a Black Belt stands for will easily attain this. Those that do not possess the ability to give of themselves have great difficulty in reaching this success. To succeed you must have three things. The Body has to have the physical skills to move with speed, grace, power and balance. The Mind must be sharp and have the mental fortitude to help others and finally, the Spirit of the martial arts must be within you to pass on this wonderful body of knowledge that makes martial arts a way of life.
When one can balance all of these things in their life then one can truly move on to the next level. Until then we all must work harder.
To know others is wisdom but to know yourself is enlightenment.
If you have questions regarding testing requirements please email Sensei Wong.